Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Context, Not Contest

The Tribe takes context very seriously. We have to, it's a tool for our deepest realization. Context can make a situation ordinarily untenable into something that is generally understood and accepted. When we challenge ourselves, we are moving forward.

We have seen what happens to people who do not do their Work. They engage with other people in the Tribe only on the level of CONTEST. Pretty basically, if you are making ANY portion of your life a contest, you are not doing the Work. The Ursa Tribe is not about vying for attention or control. We are about becoming our deepest, truest selves. This is hard work, and it often rubs all of us rather raw. Which is why we make it clear when it occurs what is going on. Context. Sometimes it occurs that people do not let others know why they are hurting, and they begin to strike out when their brethren attempt to help. At this point you have two choices, you can let it out, or you can let it fester.

We know what happens when a person lets it fester over a long period of time, because we have a couple of really excellent examples. The Work becomes sublimated to the Ego, and that creates a a situation where the person who is hurting doesn't do the Work. The next step after that is that the person draws attention away from their pain and vulnerabilities through a series of attacks. Contest.

It only works if you work it.

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