Saturday, November 3, 2012

To my family...

As we looked at each other across the wreckage of another botched Samhain, Aleks and I promised each other, silently fuming, not again. This is a true story. Samhain after Samhain, year after year. Drama. Fighting. People flinging themselves out of doors weeping. Biting. Seriously, biting. We were nowhere. And then there was THIS year. THE year. It finally happened! We fucking did it!

I am seriously fucking proud to call myself an Ursa this year, and all the years before us. I am proud to have watched each and every one of you face fears, and learn something new, and take the leap. You are all inspiring. The overwhelming message from our gods this year has been to break the mold, set the bar higher. To DECIDE FOR OURSELVES what the fuck we want to be real. Look around. You did it. We did it. We started the year doing it.

I love you all, and am proud to call you my family.


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