Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Becoming Tribal

The thing about being tribal, is that your life tends to revolve around the tribe. You feel something missing when there aren't all of these people trying to talk over each other, kids running past you asking you to look at something, or cooking for ten people. As a medicine man, or tribal shaman, or whatever term you're most comfortable with, it's my job to try and remember above all else what we are about.

It's easy to say that we DO one thing or another, it's a completely different thing to be aware of who we are as a people. There is something about being Ursa that is above and beyond a practice, after a while it becomes a way of life. The gods guide us in odd directions, sometimes.

So who are we? A ragtag group of misfits? An ancient family line steeped in tradition and values which are pagan at their core? A FamTrad depending on each other to move into the wilderness and work our witchy ways? Who is it you are?

Roan Ursa

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